Fireworks Permit

Wisconsin statue 167.10 prohibits the use or possession of fireworks, as defined under 167.10 (1), without a users permit issued by the mayor of a city, president of a village or chairperson of a town in which the possession or use is to occur. Permits can only be issued to one of the following; 1) A public authority; 2) A fair association; 3) An amusement park; 4) A park board; 5) A civic organization; 6) Any individual or group of individuals; 7) An agricultural producer for the protection of crops from predatory birds or animals. NOTE: Permits cannot be issued to a minor; they must be 18 years of age, under 167.10 (3) (h). A copy of this permit shall be on file with the clerk of the city, village or town.

Printable Fireworks Permit